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possible solution

No sense in reiterating my symtoms, they're the same as everyone above.

Here are some facts to my condition:
- I have not had it all their life, I know I acquired it sometime around the age of 18 or 19.
- It ONLY happens after consuming alcohol, though I can't say if it's beer or just any kind of alcohol
- Relieving myself immediately before or after sex reduces the chances of it happening 4-5x
- Once it happens in any given evening, it'll not happen again regardless if I keep drinking or having sex.  So for those of you concerned about drinking and taking a girl home, go toss it in the bathroom about an hour before sex, get it out of the way early and enjoy the rest of the night :)
- It does not happen every time and it seems to be almost 100% random

That being said, I have found that taking penicillin as if you had a UTI almost always makes it go away...for a time.  I'd had it for about 5 years before brining it up to a doctor.  I'd had dozens of STD exams, so I felt confident that wasn't the issue.  The doctor suggest that I have a UTI and put me on penicillin and for the next 8-10 months it completely went away.  Since then I've had to go back and get another perscription, but usually only about every 12-18 months.

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If this only happens when you have had alcohol, chances are this is because alcohol is not only very irritating to the bladder, it can also cause dehydration.

I don't know how much alcohol you are drinking, but if it only happens with alcohol, then its not an STD.  Perhaps you should post on the urology forum.

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Count me in. I've also suffered with this ridiculous problem since I was 19. I'm now 28 & have had all the tests. Everything checks out fine, but the symptoms stay the same. Alcohol is the trigger for me. There are days when I sense some tenderness without alcohol, but not the burning pain. Now there are weeks when I'm fine, then weeks when I'm not. The method of ejaculation makes no difference.

I've found my best personal remedy is to take 2 advil immediately after ejaculation & drink atleast 16 oz of water. Then I place an ice pack on my genitals. This fights off the urge to urinate & within 15 minutes I'm usually in ok shape. Still some irritation, but not the horrible burning. Urinating 1st is also a plus, but doesn't help at all when I've consumed 3+ drinks.

In the past I tried getting into the hot tub after & it worked a little. My current remedy is my best solution at this point. The above mention of penicillin is interesting. I will give that a shot & with any luck have some success. It's a shame with all the advances in medicine today, so many of us have to live with this condition. On a side note, I also had a circumcission. I read this on an earlier post & wondered if all of us with this condition also have that in common.
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Greetings group,

I'm a newly qualified doctor and have just started my internship, so my opinions are based on reading rather than experience (and hence may not be correct).

My primary diagnosis would be Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS), a VERY COMMON yet poorly understood condition, caused by a "complex interaction of immune, endocrine, and neuronal events as well as the psychological status of the individual". Frustratingly, doctors will not be able to explain the mechanism behind this syndrome because presently there are only theories and no answers.

Other names for CPPS are "Pelvic Myoneuropathy" and "Chronic Abacterial Prostatitis" (meaning there's no infection). An older name is "prostatodynia" (not used). The preferred name is "Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome", emphasizing that other anatomical areas may be involved.

But please note that PROSTATE issues can cause PAIN in the following areas:
(1) between your rectum and testicles
(2) in the testicles
(3) in the tip of the penis
(4) below your waist in general/lower back pain

This phenomenon is called "referred pain" (pain from an internal viscera/organ is experienced as coming from a somatic/skin region). An example is appendicitis -- the patient's pain starts around their belly button area, despite the fact that the appendix is located in the right lower abdominal region. Another example is the pain felt in the loin/groin area with kidney stones.

In the present case, prostatic pain can be "referred" to the penis/testicles/perineum/lower back, so you experience it as coming from those regions instead.

NOTE: "tip-of-the-penis pain is often referred from trigger points in the anterior portion of the levator ani muscle as it attaches to the prostate"

From UptoDate.com: "Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) is a clinically-defined syndrome, defined primarily on the basis of urologic symptoms and/or pain or discomfort in the pelvic region. Despite the use of the term "prostatitis," it is unclear to what degree and how often the prostate is the source of symptoms"

MY RECOMMENDATION: get a referral to a UROLOGIST -- this condition is poorly understood and a primary care physician/general practitioner may miss it.

TREATMENT:  Unfortunately there's no definitive cure for CPPS, but you guys can be treated. The management suggested by a recent review ('06) is as follows (note that you need a diagnosis first, usually made by a urologist... and it's a "diagnosis of exclusion"):

1. Trial of antimicrobials x4-6 weeks
2. Add anti-inflammatory if the symptom is primarily pain; add alpha blocker if the symptoms are primarily urinary
3. Also consider other therapies: finasteride, phytotherapy, non-pharmacological therapy (i.e. physiotherapy, pain specialist), especially if the symptoms are primarily ejaculatory.

I wish I had better answers, but unfortunately there are many conditions for which explanations/cures are not yet available. Thankfully, in this case, there are ways of managing/diminishing your symptoms... make sure a urologist is involved.

Good luck,

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i have the same problem , with the burn , its not a STD, its not a prostate issue , its not in our minds , the great thing is that i found the remedy for it , and i think i'll win the NOBEL price for Medicine . All you have to do its to buy my pdf book , with only 99.99 , and there it will be explained how to get rid of the burn and make it disappear for good,  JUST KIDDING THERE , so lets start , the SECRET IS TO never contract your penis during contact ( its like we do when trying to end the urination,  , we all do that during sex)  thats the problem its some kind of irritation of the "valve" with some exchange of fluids at that level , just relax and never contract the penis from the start to end . If you do have some burns , best remedy is to go wash  fast with worm water , and then add a little of baby irritation cream ( bepanthen ) in the tip of your penis, and rub it there a little. thats it.
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