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I am a 18 year old hetero male. I had sex for the first time in early february. It was with a sex worker at a strip clun. She gave me unprotected oral and we had protected vaginal sex. I do not know if she had an std or not but she was serious about protecting herself and told me to always use a condom. The next day i got diarreha for 2 days and then it stopped. After 6 days i got a burning feeling on my lips that resulted in them being dry and peeling. My mouth also became dry. After 1 week i started to have a burning sensation on my skin on different parts of my body. My jaw started to hurt very bad. After 2 weeks I got two red dots that appeared on the palm of my hand and disappeared after 2 days. They were flat and did not hurt or itch. After that these dots appeared on the soles of my feet and this time there were a bunch of them. Soon after that the back of my hands became very scaly and with some small bumps. They were almost not visible. They started to appear on my arms also. My elbows started to peel  along with my armpits. The burning pain was still there. After 10 days the red dots disappeared but the bumps on my arms were still there. I started to get a sore throat and some kind of bumps on my back and my shoulders they have a white head and peel off after a few days and then they come back. I also got some slight fevers. Now were 8 weeks i had sex after and I still have some of these symptoms like the red dots that come and go. The rash on the back and the shoulders is still there and i still feel so pain in different spots on my body that is more like a burning pain.My lips are still dry and they still peel. Could it be an std or am i just to worried?
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No this does not sound like a STD at all, but I would see a Dr to find out what is going on.
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You are worried. If you remain worried, getting tested does not cause any harm. I am sure you will be fine.
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Thank you for your reply. I know it might not be std related but what scared me was that it happened after I had sex with her and it's the first time i'm experiencing such symptoms.
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Thank you for the reply. I am extremely worried. I thought about having some serious std like syphillis or even HIV. I use to think about that 24/7 in the first weeks. Im young and dont want my life to end as it just started. But with time i'm getting less anxious but I'm still worried. I think I'll have to go see a doctor in the next few weeks so I can get some relief and move on.
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