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potential risks of oral sex.

Hello doctor
I need to know if I can have a dst while I have oral sex with my boyfriend.
He assures me that he has only had sex with two women in his life and only three sexual exposures in his life. He said he wore a condom. but I do not know if he protected himself with oral sex.
Am I at risk?
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Have you thought about just testing? If either of you have had sexual activity with others, testing is a good idea.

Performing oral on a penis puts you at risk for oral gonorrhea and syphilis. A syphilis sore has to be present in order for it to transmit, so if he didn't have sores, you don't have to worry about that one.

Gonorrhea can be present without symptoms. It's less likely to transmit orally than from vaginal or anal sex, but it's definitely possible. It's less common than chlamydia (which doesn't transmit orally), but it's still fairly common.

It's possible that he could get genital herpes type 1 from getting oral sex, but if he did, that's unlikely to transmit (it doesn't recur frequently, and rarely sheds). If you have oral hsv1 (about half the adult population does, and 90% never get any symptoms - think cold sores), you can't get it again in another location.

Having 2 partners doesn't put him at big risk, but if you are concerned, just ask him to test. If you've had any previous partners, you should test together, and then you can put the issue behind you. Lots of couples test together at the start of relationships. It's a good way to start, opens communication, and builds trust.

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Thanks you!
Thanks for answering, regarding Dsts, that you said, I'm sure he does not have it.
he is my first spouse, and I have in mind to ask him to test himself to start our sex life.
Good luck! If he tests, and you have any questions, let us know. :)
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