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probably STD - help?

Long story short but here goes, I'm male, she was a female, don't know her

3 weeks ago had unprotected oral and intercourse, stupid I know

Few days later something didn't feel right so after 1 week I got tested. Had high bacterial levels detected that day so got given azithromycin to take before my results came back. Results however all came back negative

Since then I have had tender/tingling balls and since day 1 my tongue has been completely coated white which wasnt the case before

2 days ago got a small ulcer on bottom gum
Today got a small white blister on bottom lip (this is now 3 weeks since the incident)

Back in to the clinic tomorrow to see what to do next but anyone able to shed any light or offer advice now?

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Hi and welcome. the white tongue is a symptom of thrush, a fungus infection. no big deal. The tingling could be from anxiety. Best to have a follow up with the doctor.
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Thrush it may well be, but does that explain the ulcer that is on my gum and small white blister on my lip?

I can honestly say I have never had a mouth ulcer in my life

I was tested 6.5 days after the encounter and all results returned negative but I have since read a lot of things and it appears to say that 1 week was too early for things to show up in the test

though I asked the nurse/specialist who gave me my results and she said its highly unlikely that something would not show up after 1 week
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since you had unprotected sex, you have more testing to follow up on . you were I assume tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia?  were you also tested for trich?  you have to wait at least 6 weeks post encounter for syphilis testing. you have to wait at least 3 months post encounter for herpes, hiv and hepatitis testing. we don't have commercially available testing for hpv to proper cover that part of your risk.

the only testing accurate at 1 week post encounter is chlamydia, gonorrhea, trich and ngu.

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I was tested for everything I believe?

I had blood taken, a swab down my penis, a swab of my mouth/throat and gave a urine sample

do my symptoms sound like anything in particular?

I will update this after I have been back to the clinic tomorrow
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they did most of your testing too early then :(  follow up at the proper times with the testing I listed.
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ok thanks

sorry to ask again, but do my symptoms sound like anything in particular?
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sounds like perhaps an oral fungal infection more than anything.  make sure that they also manually examine your prostate too when you are seen.
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Thank you

I will ask them that, but so I know why I am asking.....what for?!
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prostate infections can cause some of the genital symptoms you are experiencing.
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Ok, been back to the clinic today, urethra puss levels still between 5 & 10 so I was given 4 azithromycin there and then, given 10 metrondizole to take 2 a day starting today, and another 4 azithromycin to take 1 a day starting from tomorrow

that sounds like a hell of a lot of drugs to me

I have also been told strictly no drinking, and im supposed to be away for a weekend drinking this weekend!

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actually doesn't sound like the right drugs to me :(    make sure that you follow up again in 2 weeks.

honestly it won't kill you not to drink this weekend.   you will end up in the ER if you do because of the flagyl you are taking. it used to be given to alcoholics to make them stop drinking because when you take alcohol with it - you become violently ill.
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oh right, they seemed convinced this would deal with it

they said that my negative test results after 1 week should rule out chlamydia and ghonarea and I asked 'why was I showing a puss bacteria reading of 5-10 still then, does that not mean I have something still?'

obviously they think I have got something as they've given me loads to take now!

just extremely confused and puzzled about everything at the moment, cant decide if im making myself worse through anxiety about it all

cheers for the replies
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also, is 5-10 a mild infection, or a very high level?

I know it was 7 when I was tested 2 weeks ago and today it was still 5-10

if my results had come back positive then id be far happier now as id know what it is and would be dealing with it to get rid of it

as it stands ive been given azithromycin once then got negative results to all my tests, and been back today and been given azithromycin AND metronidazole


I also said I will be seeing my partner next weekend and we always have unprotected sex, they said I should be fine after this course of tablets
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they are also adamant that it cant be chlamydia or ghonarea as I would not have tested negative after 1 week

the doctor said the oral thrush and mouth ulcers is probably not std related at all

is it possible that I don't actually have an STD and just have above normal levels of urethra bacteria
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patience dear :)  if you want to come here and paint for me, I'll answer your questions as you do so....he he he  in case you were wondering, staycations that involve home improvements are not remotely relaxing....lol

many viruses and bacteria can cause you to have bacteria , white cells and puss cells in your urine. if this is viral, it will run its course in a few weeks. If you go back again in 2 weeks and you still are testing +, time for them to send off some different cultures for you.  they are treating you for ngu at this point from the sounds of things.

oral thrush isn't unusual from performing oral on a partner. what is normal yeast/fungus in the genital area, isn't always so normal in the oral area and vice versa. being on antibiotics increases your risk of thrush both orally and genitally. did they prescribe anything for your oral thrush?  also if you are in the US, pick up a probiotic like culturelle ( available almost anywhere including walmart ) and take that twice a day while on antibiotics. it helps replace the "good" bacteria in your bowels so that your body can fight off overgrowth of fungus better as well as helps to avoid diarrhea from antibiotics too.
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thanks Grace I appreciate it! I am UK based

not had anything for the oral stuff, the tongue has probably been this way for 2 weeks plus and is now burning and leaving a horrible taste in my mouth

the ulcer is small 2/3mm wide and has been there maybe 3 days now, it doesn't hurt that much

ive not had anything for the oral stuff from the std clinic, though the doctor gave me nystan to take 4 times a day 1ml and it didn't do anything

I think I am being treated for a ngu at the moment and they don't think it will be chlamydia or ghonarea from whatever they've tested so far

I have no discharge, no stinging whilst weeing only tender/sore to touch balls and a bacteria reading of between 5 and 10

is this very high or just above the normal threshold and could it actually mean I may not have an STD?

its really getting me stressed and anxious as I keep ending up with more questions than answers

I still cant understand how I had bacteria between 5 and 10, then got negative results
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I am worth the trip over seas to help :)  

why didn't you take your nystatin? this will just linger and get more painful if you don't take care of the oral thrush plus the longer you wait to treat, the longer you will have to treat :(

many non-std related bacteria that can cause you issues which is why they are doing the flagyl this time.  
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I did take the nystatin! sorry I probably didn't word it well

what I meant was I took it all and it didn't do anything to my oral symptoms, if anything they have got worse!

im now having corsodyl mouthwash to try and get a reaction, and im also taking the flagyl and the azithromycin at exactly the times they say, and with no alcohol etc

im going back Friday of next week to have my blood taken again which will be 4 weeks post the encounter, they asked me to do this

I will finish the flagyl and the azithromicyn early next week so hopefully I can ask them to swab me and test my urine for bacteria content on Friday and they can tell me whether its still 5-10 or now below 5

im seeing my partner next weekend, we always practice unprotected sex and im desperate for some sort of clearance

before anyone says, I am aware of how stupid and selfish my mistake was and I have learnt my lesson, it will never happen again

I just want rid of the possible std, rid of the oral symptoms and back to being healthy both physically and mentally, and am willing to do anything and listen to any advice
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nah I am just on the forums too early in the morning and can't read...lol go back again for more medication for the thrush so you can get that gone!  also not sure if you can get culturelle there but a gi probiotic wouldn't be a bad idea unless you can choke down yogurt 3x/day every day for 2 weeks.

the gum clinic is testing your blood for what in 4 weeks?

I'd have protected sex at this point. let your partner know that you have some sort of infection, not sure what and want to protect them until it's cleared.  
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ok I will arrange to go again for the oral thing, it probably isn't an STD is it? I hoped the nystatin would help but hasn't made it any worse

the gum clinic tested me for everything 1 week after exposure

everything came back negative although on the day of the tests they detected bacteria levels of between 5 and 10 in my urine/swab whichever they check

they did a blood test then and everything was negative, however I guess some things like HIV don't show up that early in blood tests so they have asked me to come back next week which will be 4 weeks after exposure to test again

sounds logical?

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It can really be difficult to get rid of thrush - regardless of the location of the infection :(

gum clinics don't test for herpes unless you have obvious lesions to swab.  follow up on the rest of your testing at the proper times as I listed previously to properly cover your bases.  testing too early just wastes time and money.

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thanks for all your help Grace

I was checked again yesterday which was 3 weeks after the encounter, I had a urine sample done and a swab down the penis. This is how they got the 5-10 bacteria and I expect the results will be back next week. If I did have something nasty then surely 8 azithromycin and 5 days of metro will go a long way to sorting it?!

I then have my 4 week blood test next Friday, suppose this tests for HIV and whatever else

thanks again for all your help

I hope I don't have anything bad, or anything at all! sounds like I do though
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I don't think you have anything "bad" at all. just common infections that can take awhile and the right antibiotics to clear up . make sure they test that prostate too if symptoms don't clear up or you continue to have puss cells.  
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