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protected anal sex

4 weeks ago I had protected anal sex for 15 second it was had to penetrate. What is my odd to contact hepatits B and hiv and hpv and what type of test I must do .
I need help cause I am married and I am afraid to touch my wife please help
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From your message I take it was you who had insertive condom-protected anal sex. Whether your partner was a man or a woman, the fact you wore a condom makes it safe (no risk) for HIV and Hep B if the condom was intact.
If you are really worried and eager to do the tests, HIV Antigen/Antibody test is accurate at 4 weeks, antibody test at 12 weeks, for Hep B it is more accurate to test at 12 weeks (HBsAg test is pretty accurate at 9-10 weeks) and there is no test for HPV for men.
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The partner was women and virgin but she makes anal sex for money. The condom was  intact with no visible cuts.  I make hiv test for her which come is negative .
My question specifically about hepatits B according to my exposure I need to test or not ?
No need to. Your intercourse was protected.
Hep B is preventable, you should get vaccinated and never worried about it again.
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