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rash on belly and neck

I dont think i have HIV i has unprotected sex with a women who just got back form afghanistan.  i have a rash on my upper arms and chest and belly.  thats all. its commom for me to get headaches and i have a slightly stuffy nose.  its been about 3 weeks since the encounter and i am gettin tested soon.  any ideas on what it might be
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This could be an allergic reaction to something, and it might be a sign of syphilis.

Was she serving in the military (meaning she's been tested for hiv), or was she living there, or what?

If this is a sign of syphilis, then you've had it longer than 3 weeks.  

I would get tested for HIV and syphilis (though those aren't necessarily really likely), and get a doc to look at it.  The sooner the better, ok?

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Thanks for the info i know it isnt syphilis.  HIV i dont think so either being the rash is going away and i was told i have common red splotchs on my body.   i got blood drawned for a hiv test.   i know it is 3 weeks or less that i would have contracted anything.  

She was back from a deployment and getting out of the army.  one night stands dont recommend them anymore.  specially when you are drunk.  i think i will be okay thanks for all the info
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