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rash on penis?

I currently volunteer to teach in a developing country, and I don't have access to a doctor in this town. I noticed there is some irritation on my penis skin and I worried too much,  I tried to avoid soap, but the issue still exists.. it's been 2 months .. one thing I suspect to cause that has I had my clothes washed in a small laundry shop here where they wash all clothes together, I worry mixing my underwear with other people started the issue. I also dated a girl for awhile and we had unprotected sex but she tested from STD and was negative.

Sorry for sharing the photos, but if this is a symptom of serious thing I will need to take the train to the city which is 3 hours away ...  plz let me know if this kind of rash is serious .. ( Photo show penis uncovered, plz open only if you are a doctor )


Plz let me know what could cause this and how serious it's .. thank you.
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Which kind of sexual intercourse did you have with that lady ? Even if you tested negative, if you didn't expire the window period before, your test wouldn't be accurate.

Please give us more information in order to be able to help you.
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Just vaginal intercourse .. I just was wondering are that kind of skin irritation associated with certain type of disease etc?  Sometimes it went away but will come and go often for the last 60 days ..

How should I wash that area? is soap needed?

Thank you
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