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rash on the sole of my feet?

hi, 6 weeks ago i have had sex with a sex worker i used condom but when i got discharged accidentally the condom slipped now i dont know the condom slipped inside or it was on the edge of the vagina from that time i got worried and taken huge stress of having fear of hiv and also 1 week later a skin rash like hives started to appear on my body firstly on the side of the chest these hives keep coming back not in numbers but only one spot a day and they disappears in 1 to 2 hours hives remains for about three weeks after 1 week of hives i have seen a painless non itchy rash on the sole of my right foot and it had got me much scared now i am dead dont know what to do and i am scared of test can u help me out?

I am convinced that it is hiv?

Can anybody help me please...

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All HIV questions need to be posted in the HIV community, see th elink above.
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your anxiety is the issue here, not any risk you had from this encounter.  You are so anxious that you are giving yourself rashes on your chest about it all!!!!

rashes on the bottom of your feet aren't std related. see your provider to find out what is really going on.

a one time encounter is incredibly low risk for everything.  You had a protected encounter for the most part.  No reason to worry this much.


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