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rash on top of buttocks

Hi. I recently got treated for chlamydia and I don't have it any more.  Before that issue I had a single bump on my pens and my doctor said it was just skin irritation. After the chlamydia incident I got tested for everything else syphilis herpes hiv gonorrhea etc and all came back negative.  I have this rashes on my butt and I'm scared because it says herpes can do that but I had them while I took the blood test and it came back negative. Could this just be eczema cuz it has been dry and I had three different doctors look my genitals even the bump and they all said it's not std related.  Just looks like a normal rashes and yes they are stabbed over from me scratching but there's no oozing or anything like that I'm just scared because after the chlamydia I'm paranoid.  
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Oh ya lol sorry what could this rash be If it's not at related? My test are negative but I'm freaking out
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You will have to see a Dr. Rashes can be many things.
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