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I got this rash on my right inner thigh.  I had it itch and it first appeared just little red dots that itch about 3 months ago.  I would put some antifungal on it and it would go away.  I had the spots come back a few more times and they would itch.  This time however is the biggest I've seen them they are bumps that itch and are reddish they now spread to my scrotum on the right side only that comes in contact with my right thigh.  This has me freaking out because I had unprotected sex awhile ago with a few partners.  I looked at all the images on the web.  Then I looked in the mirror I see something I never saw on my lips before very small needle point dots not a lot but a few on my upper lip.  I'm like what the heck is this herpes?  I haven't had a sexual encounter for about 2 months.  I do have pearly penile papules had them for awhile on head of penis think the things I see on my lip might be fordyce condition or Cheilitis I hope.  As for my groin jock itch I hope.  Do you think I have herpes?
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genital herpes (HSV2) generally are a cluster of fluid filled blister...On the mouth region you can get just one sore but there is no mistaking that you have a cold sore when its herpes (HSV1).

in addition, herpes would not go away with fungal cream.

I'm lost as to what you might have, but you should see a dr. for sure.

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I wonder if you are using the antifungal cream sporadically.  If it is resolving with the cream, try that again and use it for at least a week after symptoms have disappeared.  You might be starting to cure it, but maybe you aren't totally curing it.

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