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red bumps on my penis, do i have herpes?

About a month, almost a month and a half ago. I had red bumps appear onto my genitals, thinking i'm just not washing good enough. I started washing better making sure i scrubed my groin area more effeciently. It didn't get any better just got worse as it spread onto my penis. (two by the shaft of my penis) and a couple around just below my head. I went to the hospital and got a tip that it was fungal so they gave me some cream for fungas but didn't work. I set up another appointment that i scheduled about 2 weeks ago i believe, and a doctor wasn't sure but said since i had sex it was herpes? What i read is that herpes pops up before a month of sexual contact. But, the last time i had sex was probably 2-3 months ago and its just now appearing? I also gave head to this girl and you think i would get it on my mouth or not? but i examined that really closely especially my tongue. No sign of bumps or anything even close to apearing there.  I don't understand that. I read more forums and things about "red bumps" another thing that i thought it might be would be scabies? i itch on my groin, butt, lower abdominal, shins, and sometimes my arms. I examined my body more closely and noticed a lil black mark that feels like a little bump on my penis. small circular dry marks on my bicep (one on each arm) a couple below my genitals and on the front part of my theigh. I'm freaking out right now and don't know what to believe. I would appreciate anyone's opinion on this. Thank you!
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this doesn't sound like herpes going on.

see a dermatologist at this point for further work up if using an antifungal cream 2x/day for a good week or so didn't take care of the problem for you.

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Also, i have been itching like crazy all over my body. this last night i've been up all night because my legs, arms, stomach, and butt were all itchy. This only happens when i get into bed to sleep too. During the day, its like its not even there. But the second i lay down its starts itchy till no return.
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Irritation/dry skin.
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I put lotion on everyday now that this itch has occured and hasnt been any help. That itch is still there at night, but these bumps are scaring me if it is herpes or not. I certainly hope its not, but i dont think it sounds like it is...does it?
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As Grace said, "this doesn't sound like herpes going on."
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Thank you vance & grace also...i appreciate it
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well I hope someone can help me I tend to get a bump every now and then on my penis and it really scares me I dont understand anything about stuff like this I'm still a virgin and havent had any sexual intercourse before so I'm just clueless I really hope someone can tell me whats wrong
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This is not a STD if your a virgin. Try posting in dermatology or men's health. I assume it is just a papule.
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Hey i also note noticed red little bumps on my penis . I look at pictures about herpes and info and they do not look like that!  And also i dont get pain from it.  It does not bother me at all only when I notice it sometimes are not even there. They say when you have herpes they scab up just like if you had a cold sore on your lip also to I am not circumcised. And the picture that I looked up do not look like mine at all. What kind of cream do you get for the anti fungal and working you get it?
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OMG please im going through this now and i just turned 20 i have not done nothing since i was 18 and im freaking out and scared i was planing on buying a house and living with my girlfriend
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