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red bumps on penis

ok.... i have 3 lil fleshy red bumps on penis... they only are apperent when im engaging in some kind of foreplay or intercourse.... they kinda sting and itch when they are irritated....they're is no pus or fluids but they are very annoying... i went to the dr to get tested and the results came back negative.....but i was still having symptoms lymphnode problems, diarrea, hemmeroids etc.....i went back to the dr. and he gave me some meds for claps and gonnorrhea.... and i feel alot better.... but im still kinda worried about these bumps.... any advice??  
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Have you shown the doctor these bumps?  Gonorrhea (the clap) and chlamydia wouldn't give you bumps, and you don't need the meds for those.

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no because they didnt happen until later on but im going back to the DR to have him take a look....
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