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red dot on tongue.

I am 45 years old. I have had sex with a prostitute. I did wear a condom, but did receive orval without a condom. My problem is I have started to see red small dots on the tip of my tongue and also a funny tingling feeling around my mouth. I also my noticed my testicule are red and ichty and theres a white shinny mark on the shaft of my penis. The tip of my penis also feels funny. I also am experancing the rest of my body seems to be ichty. My head is all over the place with worry. I had a HIV test about two years ago because I had the same problems. I never got any word back so I through everything was fine I do work in some hot countries so I sweat alot around my testicule causing me to chaff. Can someone please help
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Hi rick

You wore a condom so no worries on most STDs, they do work this includes HIV, you had NO risk for that from this exposure.   Condoms (if didn't break/rip/tear) do work against infection from a dozen STDs.  You don't get anything in your mouth from recieving oral (fellatio) so don't even worry about the red dots on there.    

The tip of your penis feels funny huh? well that's because your paying close attention down there, and your anxiety, "my head is all over the place..." is feeding on to making you believe you are infected with something.  You had a no risk exposure, and guess what If I really focus on my penis, I can make it so that it too can feel funny.

You don't need any testing.  =)

Anxiety is a factor with all these symptoms
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Hi Jessy,
That makes me feel a bit better. I have been googling for answers and I think this has put a lot of things in my head.

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Hi Jessy,
Went to the GUM centre today and got tested. They took some samples and a urine test. The doctor also took a HIV blood test. He said I have a infection, but wouldnt know what is was for a couple of weeks. He give me some antibiotics called azithromycin. I'm at my wits end. I have a wife and two great kids at home and its killing me to think I could have dangered my wife and my marriage. I couldnt live without them, but I'm keep thinking about killing myself. I dont want to but i couldnt live with myself if I cause harm to my wife
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Hey rick,

Please try to realx.   If you did catch an STD it wasn't from the prostitude, because you were protected, and your risk was low.  The doctor only said you had an infection, so that doesn't mean STD.   So im guessing you had penile discharge or something of  that nature?

Hang in there k, do not cause any self damaging things to yourself.
You've have NOT put your wife in any danger.  
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Hi Jessy,

Just to let you know I havent heard back from the doc about my HIV test, Its been three weeks now so I think this should be fine as the doc said if I didnt hear back within 2 weeks everything should be ok.
The problem I had before is still there. I still have red dots on my tongue and the tip of my penis, which come and go. sometimes they are there, then sometime there not. My skin is also very itchy when it come on. I've notice that the head of my penis and my tongue turn very purple as well. As I said before this has been going on for a long time and it starting to do my head in. There is no discharge and it doesnt look like any STD pictures I've looked at on the web. When I goto bed at night it goes away. i wake up and its fine, but as the day goes on it starts to come back. Have you any ideas. Thanks for you help before.
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This has nothing to do with a STD. See a Dr for an exam.
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