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red dots/bumps

Hey, 1.5-2 days after a sexual encounter ( oral for her, oral for me...penis was in the vagina for like 1 minute ) I noticed a bunch of red dots on the head of my penis, they resembled broken blood vessals. However upon pulling my foreskin back I noticed red bumps or dry spots(1mm or 2mm) where they match up with the dots on the head. It doesn't hurt when I pee and they don't hurt or itch. I masterbaited 3 times the morning of the night it happened. I also went home and straight to bed, then off to work the next day. So it was probably 12-14 hours before I washed.
I don't notice anything in my mouth, but she said her tongue hurts. I've been doing a lot of research about it and the more I do the more anxiety I feel. I've been told I feel hot, I've read that hepies sometimes gives a fever of 102. My throat also feels swollen, but only after I read the part of the lmyph glands. I think I'm so stressed out that im manifesting these symptoms, I fear the worse tho and I'm trying to find a clinic to get tested, just thought i'd make a pitstop here first. any light you can shed would be greatly appreicated

I should also mention that its been 2 days since I noticed them and they are already starting to go away...
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I also have the same thing. I dont know what it is. It happened almost 2 days after sex and red dots showed up on the penis head and faded away in 2-3 days. No itching(very minimal), no fluid filled blisters, no whitespot under them etc...I went to the std clinic and got myself tested for std's aside from herpes as they didn't see any blisters or sores and told me it didn't looked like herpes. What i've found so far online seems more like candida balanitis (yeast infection). Its been more than 1 year and still looking for a concrete answer. I don't know which antifungal or bacterial cream i can use on penis head. Recently when i got off from shower, i saw these dots again but fading away in a day. Not even raised or hurting while peeing - just simply there to annoy me.

Please if you get an answer - do let me know what doctor says or even its a fungal infection - which anti fungal cream to use and how to use.   .
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btw, the tests cam out negative (forgot to mention)
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