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red spots, white border

I know I have geographic tongue, but I have never seen it do this before, is it part of my condition or could it be thrush? they seem to change in position and size on a daily basis, except for 2 or three of them that mostly change in size... the white around the spots seem to come and go.
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Hi planesight90,
I have a geographic toungue as well. But, I've never had thrush and it doesn't predispose you to it. You can have thrush for other reasons such as recent antibiotic use, being immunocompromised etc. Usually, thrush covers the tougue and hurts and bleed if the doctor probes it. You may want to get them checked it could be pus due to an infection or to see if it really is thrush.
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thanks, the spots seem to disappear almost on a day to day basis, and next thing I know one our two are back. can thrush do that?
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It doesn't sound like thrush but hard to tell without the doctor or dentist checking it.
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