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red spots on penis

it was my first sex on dec 27 with a random girl unprotected oral and used condom for vaginal sex after two weeks i have noticed  small white spots on penis head there was no pain when urinating and no discharge at all. i went to emergency on jan 14th they gave me ointment they did urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. they said they will call me if anything comes positive and i didn't receive call and the spots started to spread with white and red pimples spots with no discharge and no pain even after applying the ointment.after 2 weeks i went back to emergency on feb 7th and they did swab test and they prescribed nystatin ointment to apply for a week and i applied for a week and 80% of them gone and they said nothing found in the swab test and they said to me to go for std testing for safety purpose and i went on feb 10 for std tests and i have asked them to do all std tests. they took blood sample and urine sample. and i went to emergency on feb 15 again after a week went to emergency till then 90% red and white spots are gone only few of them are on lower sides of the penis like pearl color in a row and there was slight pain in my right testicle which started a day before. they said its curing and nothing is abnormal and asked me to continue use the nystatin for another week.and i got a call from std testing center and they said there is nothing to worry and asked me to take the immunization for the hepatitis-B. i used the cream for a week and still the white pearl spots are not going and my legs started paining and there was pain in my right testicle for 5 days and it went off. and now i figured out that there are red spots inside of penis and burning sensation when i first pee in the morning and little pain now then inside the started from past two days i don't know what to do because i don't have family doctor. do i need to go emergency again or else to contact a urologist or a dermatologist.
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Hi, since a condom was used with the vaginal none of your symptoms are related to that act so that leaves us to the unproteced oral and the risk for contracting any std would be close to zero. Topical irritations that your describing from oral could be fungal related but not std related. Since the swab test came back negative its very possible your making them appear by constant touching, checking and pulling and could be anxiety related. Maybe best to see a dermatologist at this point.
Thanks I have scheduled a appointment with dermatologist it's on 17 March I will be posting updates..
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maybe yeast infection?
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