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scared and worried

I had unprotected sex 3 times in one night vaginal and the man said he was clean and I am clean.  Now with much regret since I have only known the man for short time I am wondering if he was honest about being clean.  I believe in using condoms and I was temporarily insane not to use one this time.   What are my odds of getting Aids/HIV?

Thank you.
Very Worried.

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It depends on so many things.  If he had hiv, transmission isn't guaranteed.  It would depend on his viral load, if he's on meds, his CD4 count, etc.  There's just no way to know.

I do know that less than 1% of the US has HIV, so the chances of him having it are slim.  You are far more likely to be infected with chlamydia, herpes or HPV, and even gonorrhea or syphilis.  (Also, AIDS isn't transmitted - HIV is.  AIDS would develop after you get HIV.)

He may even think he is std-free (which is the preferable term to "clean" as it implies that those with an std are "dirty"), even if he has an std.  Most std infections are asymptomatic.

Why not just test and find out?  Your doc can do these tests, or if you'd rather, call a planned parenthood or your local health dept and ask about std clinics.


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  I dont know what your odds are of getting aids from that night, but it is something that could happen. Lots of people think "it wont happen to me". but i think its one in four or one in 5 people that have an std in the US. But i agree with AJ and think that you get tested. and i may be wrong, but i think it could take up to months or longer for hiv to come up on a blood test, so get tested now, and again in 6 months or so. But dont just settle for an HIV test, get tested again for everything. Make sure you get blood work done and all that, gonorea, herpes, chlamydia, etc, i remember back in HS when when we HAD to get tested for STD's twice a year, and they showed us a demonstration of the city, they used red and blue dots to represent every 20 males and females with only one of 2 stds, none of the other stds included, and, scary as it may seem, my whole darn city, every section of it, was one big blue and red dot. luckily they were talking about clamidia and gohnorea which can be cured, but more than likely those kids were passing on lots of other stds as well, and you would never know, most of the time there are no showing symptoms. My husband was infected with herpes by ME and he has NEVER had any symptoms at all, so you would never know that he wasnt clean. It's scary, but i would get tested and play it safe, in the very least it will give you a peace of mind. I hoped i helped a little. Sorry i am not very good with advice.
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It can take up to 3 months for HIV to show on a test.

But Nic gave you great advice - get tested for other stds, not just HIV.

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