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shingles and HIV/STD's HELP

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes time to answer....

I am 30, 6 years since last HIV test. 6 partners since then all hetero contact, long term, low/med risk relationships approx 500 sex occurences.  i got shingles 2 weeks ago and read there is connection between shingles and HIV in young people. Ex girlfriend had HSV-2 diagnosis 4 months ago , 3 months after our last encounter.
shingles healed, have had white tongue for 4-5 years , testicle ache that cleared with anti-biotic last year (cause undetrmined).
do these symptoms sound like STD or HIV or i am just freaking out because of shingles diagnosis. got sunburn at shingles site and then got sinus infection and went on long hiking trip one week prior to shingles. Took HIV test but results take 5 weeks at my overseas location... thanks for listening
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There is no one here who will be able to answer your questions. NOne of your symptoms are STD/HIV specific. The only way to find out is to take an HIV/STD test. 5 weeks for HIV results is ridiculous. Find another location and take another test.
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thanks tommy, i work for small military base way overseas.  that was the number they gave me. thanks for the advice
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I'm late with this post--have had shingles--it has nothing to do with STDs--it is from chickenpox.  If you have chickenpox as a kid, may show up later as shingles.  Shingles is often prompted by extreme stress-- My sister had shingles at 20 years old--ONLY one sex partner-her husband--still has same husband after 25 years.  Mom had it in her twenties--only one sex partner...Some people are more susceptible.  I'm not saying it's impossible that you have HIV, but I don't want you thinking the shingles diagnosis necessarily means you have HIV.
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