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similar pain to lymph node pain - pls help

hello everyone,

I had a protected sex with a person of unknown sexual status. After about 5 days there was a pain in my right testicle and i felt a very small lump. The  right side (from right shoulder to leg) of my body was in pain ( also felt heavy & numb). I did not feel or visibly see any lymph nodes but  there was a heavy feeling on my right armpit. the general feeling in and around my right armpit is similar to lymph node pain.

After about 3 weeks the lump disappeared. The pain i mentioned on my right side was there for about 2 months and it went away but still there is a mild numb/heavy feeling around the right armpit

I did an HIV test 1 year after the possible exposure & came back negative for all STDs & HIV.

It's been 4 months after my test. . However, the mild numb/heavy feeling around the right armpit is still there additionally about 3 weeks ago I started getting the following -

*there is a slight numb feeling above the right knee cap.
*one of my fingers on the right hand feels numb, the smallest toe of my right leg feels numb.
*experience pain in my right arm
*My right palm also feels mild pain at times.
* I have heavy feeling in the head (heaviness like something is wrapped around my head) on and off for 5 months now

I don't know why this is happening. I know its difficult to diagnose but any opinion will be great. I will also give a list of things that i think could be a cause for this.

* I used to lifted weights for 2 years but stopped  4 months ago. I have been jogging for about 3 years & still do it.

* had a habit of resting on my right side when watching movies & reading for a long time. stopped it when the right testicle pain & lump occurred as I mentioned above

* I have been under a lot of stress for more than an year due to the fear of HIV after that incident. (still a bit scraed)

any help would be great. Thanks

btw - pls let me know if u think I should post on a forum which is more suitable for these symptoms
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See a Dr for your issues, it is not HIV or STD related.
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