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small bumps on shaft

hi..i got small red /skin color bumps on my shaft..i got 5 of them 3 are right by each other and the other 2 are in diff places...they do not itch or burn they are painless...i was worried so i ask my military doctor what it could be ..he said he didnt know that it didnt look like genatal wart that he can c so he gave me cream and said put it on and dont worry about it but they are still there...does any one got a clue what it could be???? these are the creams that he gave me but do not work...hydrocortisone.....and imiquimod cream 5% ... can u plz help me thank u
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Bumps can be many things often not a STD, but I guess you will have to see another Dr for a better exam.
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i am just worried tho they been there 4 a few months now and have not gone away..been having trouble sleeping cuz i cant get it out of my mind..and ever time i shower use the restroom or change ...i always have to look i cant help it i just worried
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you have to apply the immoquod as ordered for up to 3 months before it gets rid of warts, if it's going to be effective at all.  How long have you been using it?

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about 1 month...but he said it does not look like warts tho
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no idea why they would treat you for warts if they didn't think they were warts.

at this point all you can do is to continue to be seen for your symptoms to try to get to the bottom of it all.
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