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std anxiety

well i have this fear that when  this hat  thrown by my cousin touched my penis area when i felt i had masturbated in my pants and than my cousin put it on the couch left and than sat were he put it. The fear is that after he got up and than like sat on other places and i feel like everything is infected. And when my family sits and like scratches there buts or something or touches the couches and chairs with there hands and eat stuff they can get a std.
i fear that a std could take place like this ! plz heplp me im in grade 11 and cant take this anxiety anymore !
i just need someone to help me b y givinvg me some harsh but reassuring words about this
Is there any possibilty of getting any std this way ?
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already answered this when you posted about it the first time.

if you need harsh words - hand me your cell phone, your ipod and your computer because you are grounded!!!  also put on some old sneakers because you are going to mow my grass and do my weeding too!!

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so the answer is no right ? just checking to make sure :P
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NO risk at all. Relax!
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