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dear doctor

Hi, i am 25 yr old male from india. few nights back i went 2 a bar got drunk and gave blowjob to a guy. he was way older den me. i was not thinking at all. next evening i see dat my toungue has a lot of red spots on my tongue. first they were on the tip and circumference of the tongue but now on the after a week they are all over the tongue. i also have these tiny red spots all over the head of my penis. i went to a doc n dey tested me for std and hiv. std result was negative but hiv result will come 2 days later from now.

during the blowjob he wanted to ejaculate so he went to the loo and did but after that i again gave him a blowjob. both the times he didnt ejaculate in my mouth or anywhere on me. but i remember getting pre cum in my mouth which i didnt spit out. and that worries me a lot along with if i got any cum in my mouth while blowing him the 2nd time.

he also blew me but for a very short while.

the thrush on my tongue also is not going away. i am taking medicine for std and fungal infection as of now.

i also have a mild fever all the time .

the red spots on my tongue and the head of penis have got me worried if its hiv.

please advice
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ejaculation has nothing to do with std risk.  it's the sex act itself that is the risk, not the semen.  

all your std testing from this was done too early.  

continue to follow up on your hiv questions in the hiv forum where you already  have a post going on this.

antifungal medications do not work within a few days. you need to give it more time especially if you are also on antibiotics which encourage the overgrowth of fungus.  

this is not the doctor's forum - you have to pay to post there.

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dear grace,

thanks for replying. i am on antibiotics. doxicycline, flagyl, nexpro and zifi 200.

my tongue is covered with translucent white stuff which does not go away. i have red spots all over my tongue. they are spreading to the back of my tongue. also my penis head is covered all over with the same tiny red dots. i also hv constant low fever when i touch my forehead.

i am worried what cud these be symptoms of. and if they are of some std i would prefer that they are of a curable std and not like hiv.

plz advice
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sounds like you have a whopping fungal infection. they can take awhile to treat sometimes. follow up with your provider as needed.
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