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std? or kidney stones?

hi, i went to a urologist today and he examined my penis to find any swollen part in my urethra. the doctor said that there is nothing wrong at all and that its not swollen, then i reminded him to look on the left side of my urethra and he said there's nothing wrong. now im beginning to think that he missed it since it is only visible when i am erected but i forgot to remind him that since i was in a awkward position. my sore is more like a lump, a fat lip to be more accurate and it is kinda smooshy to touch when i am erected, not visible when im not erect and it doesn't hurt when i touch.

(this is my 3rd doc but now i had it checked in a well known hospital, the last 2 check up was from a clinic and it was more then 5 months ago)

i told my doc that my main symptoms were frequent urination and slight burning feeling and i told him that i took all the antibiotics for chlamydia and gono. so to his assumption he said that it doesn't look like an std and said it could be a kidney stone. then after that he asked me to lie down side way so that he could check my prostate by inserting his fingers into my anus. he examined it and he said it's fine and told me to have a urinary test, blood sample, ultra sound to find out any problems in my kidney. ( i reminded him that i had a high calcium oxalate level so probably thats were he got his conclusion from).

the thing is when i got home, my urge to urinate lessened to my surprise. why is that? i didn't take any medications and could it possibly be from the rectum examination? and is all this check up like the ultra sound necessary? ty
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I don't know the answer to your question. All I can really say is this has nothing to do with a STD and you have had 3 Dr's examine you, they are going to be better suited to speak with then us.
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