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swollen glands in neck

Hi I am a gay male, I had some throat problems early back last spring just some sorethroat problem due to oral sex i guess and my doctor sorted with some antibiotics which it turned out to be alright. Since last july, i started to have swollen glands only on my neck and ocassional sore throat which comes on and off and i tried various different ways to get rid of it which didnt seem to help a lot. I also had sypillis and hiv test twice in early september and late september which turns out to be fine and my std doctor discover there were infection in my throat and again antibiotics for a week and i kept on taking which took place in november. But but swollen glands still there and I took some other medicine to try get rid of it which apperantly didnt help, until now it is march my swollen glands and ocassional sore throat is still there but no fever and other hiv sympthom but rashes sometimes and even small tiny white dot on my lips which might be quite common. My major concern is, I feel my heart and langs slightly painful in General. What kind of sypmthom is it? Should I see another std doctor for another blood test? or rather a throat doctor?

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this isn't related to an STD, you need to continue to work with your doctor.
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cheers mate, will oral sex lead to throat cancer does anyone know? coz i have swollen glends and ocassional aches on my chest at this stage now :-(
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