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test results

after possible exposure 1 week later i had a urine test done for Chlamydia and ghonorea, is it possible that my test results are false negative should i go back? and i just can't seem to find a place to test for trich and NGU . can i anyone help me with that?
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Tests are fine after 1 week.
How would anyone here know where you are and even if we did where you can go for Trich and NGU?

What was your risk to begin with?
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protected oralsex with a prostitute, but the condom maybe have been lambskin condom not sure which one i used. i'm living in NY. i'm afraid that i may have contracted any sort of std from this exposure she also wiped off my penis with a paper towel possibly had the previous customer's semen not sure...
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Condoms work pretty much.

You encounter posed NO risk for all STDs.   You don't need an NGU test or any other test.  
You can see from you negative results that the condom was in tact and protected you from a dozen STIs.  

Please begin to note what type of condoms you use.  If you happend to used lamb skin, don't worry about it from this encounter.      See Teak's profile: "Teak says,use Latex, Polyurethane or Polyisoprene condoms. "  From the HIV prevention Community.  
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thanks jessy james are you 100% sure??
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i've been really bothered with this whole std thing really disturbing knowing that i could  have even 1% . i really need your advices thank you all sorry for reposting.
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I am not 100.00% sure.   But I am pretty darn confident in my answer. I would bet money on it.   The odds are you didn't catch anything from your encounter.  

If Vance2335 and I were to make a bet, and I told him I'll bet you $1000.00 that kansi is STD free.  He would not take my bet.   I don't know if anyone out there would seriously take my bet, because the likelyhood is that I am correct.  
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