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trichomoniasis from receiving oral sex. when will

this has been a very rough few weeks for me but long story short, i'm a gay male and i been having some very bad pain in my urethra. Here's basically everything that happened:

MARCH 17th 2021:

I received unprotected oral sex from a man i didn't know so well. a couple days after that i started getting pain and irritation in my urethra.

APRIL 1st 2021:

i went to a clinic to get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia but they refused to treat me. my symptoms still continued. however, i tested negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia

APRIL 8th 2021

i ended up going to the urgent care clinic and was put on DOXYCYCLINE, a uranalysis was done which didn't really show anything wrong with my urine. the pain went away but then i started noticing a slight discharge. it wasn't really leaking out of me but i noticed that the inside of my urethra was wet with what appeared to be a clear whitish fluid

APRIL 19th 2021

I went Back to the urgent care clinic and they told me that they think i might have TRICHOMONOIASIS and they put me on Metronidazole twice daily for 7 days.


1.) i'm still having pain in my Urethra and still noticing the wetness/white around my urethra opening, how long will it take to stop?
2.) i been abstaining from sexual contact with anyone HOWEVER, i have kissed one of my friends on the lips. Assuming i got trichomoniasis from receiving oral sex, i'm assuming this parasite can be carried in the mouth. what's the chance that i infected my friend with trich? :(
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Hi, you mention the pain started a couple of days after but if it were trich, it would take more time to cause an infection that would cause urethra pain. When we speak of trich, its most common as a female vaginal infection. A true urethra std infection would produce a white puss discharge and pain while urinating. Sounds to me as maybe you injured your uretha from the oral sex but do contine to see the doc till this is resolved.
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the person who preformed oral sex on me did use cocaine before he did. Also, i didn't really have much of a discharge but i did notice a wetness in my urethra. usually only before i have to urinate though.
the person who preformed oral sex on me did use cocaine before he did. Also, i didn't really have much of a discharge but i did notice a wetness in my urethra. usually only before i have to urinate though.
Maybe some of the cocaine got inside you penis and caused a toxic burn. as when snorted in the nose it drops into the mouth.
also, if i did injure my urethra, how would something like that be fixed?
Time if that is the case. However constant checking of the penis will cause a slight discharge as it causes irritation as well.

Like Dave said, Trich is so unlikely as it is usually a female based "parasite" and uncommon to go from mouth to penis.
@Sillymistake87  there are cases of people having it orally actually. was curious if someone had it orally if it'd go away on it's own.
I did not say it was not possible. I said it is uncommon. There is a difference between the two. Sexual Health Clinics in my country (UK) believe that transmission is not possible.

"Trichomoniasis is not thought to be passed on through oral or anal sex. You also cannot pass on trichomoniasis through: kissing or hugging." - NHS

Regardless, abx is the only treatment.
The only thing you can do right now is finish the antibiotics. If it's injury from cocaine, by then, it should also heal.

You didn't actually have a discharge. A discharge comes out from the penis, and you'd see it without looking into your urethra.

There is something called NGU, which is an infection in the urethra not caused by gonorrhea. This can be caused by a long list of things, including bacteria normally found in the mouth, respiratory bacteria and viruses, strep, etc. Your urine needs to be tested, but this can't happen until about 2-3 weeks after you are off the antibiotics.

So finish your meds, see how you feel, drink plenty of water, and if after a couple of weeks, you don't feel better, get a referral to a urologist. If at any time you actually feel worse, get into a urologist.

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