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unknown infection


sometime last year i had a protected sex with a csw, i kissed her on her lips and i caught up with some kind of infection. i developed an ulcer inside my mouth within a weeks time, experienced on and off tingling for a month. i have white patches at the back of my throat and few white spots on my tonsil for an year now. it is not causing any discomfort though.

I have tested negative for hiv, hsv 1,2 igg at 6 months mark, hep b and syphilis..

my question is:
1. what is this infection? why the white patches are there in the throat for an year now?
2. Is it possible to transmit an STI to children by coughing (respiratory droplets) directly on to their face?
3. what are the STIs one can transmit through respiratory droplets to children?

thanks in advance

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none of the symptoms you've mentioned sound std related.  

have you been seen by a medical provider to have these looked at?

we call them sexually transmitted for a reason - it takes that sort of naked and intimate contact to transmit them - not something like the common cold that you can get from just being within 3 feet of someone.

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thanks a lot for your reply.

i consulted with an ENT, he said its normal and prescribed some mouthwash which is not doing any good to me.

please answer one final question pls..

1. what are the STI-related viral infections one can transmit through respiratory droplets to children like HSV 1?

2. suppose if i am infected with some virus in my mouth, i touch the inside mouth and touch another object, if immediately a child touch the same object and place the finger in  mouth, will the virus get transmitted?


thanks again
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