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unprotected sex with a las vegas stripper

So I'm panicking. Got really drunk in vegas 3 days ago and had sex with a stripper at the treasures in las vegas. This waswas my first time in vegas. So I'm not familier with this place or the sex industry. I've read this is supposed to be the most expensive strip club in vegas, very high end. They don't even get fully naked. The stripper told me she was only sleeping with me because she thought I was good looking. It was out in the open and waitresses would come up as if I was just getting a lap dance, like they didn't know I was actually inside of her. So hopefully this isn't a reguler thing for her. She also asked me if I had an std after we were done. I don't remember if I asked her but hopefully if she did she would have told me.

We had unprotected vaginal and oral sex. And she also bit me on my kneck breaking the skin but not drawing blood.

I've been told by my local sti clinic that first tests can be done in 2-3 weeks. Then 3 months etc. Because I plan on getting tested for everything.

I'm posting here just to ask you guys what are the chances girl had something. My hangover depression/anxiety probably isn't helping the situation but I'm really worried. Worst would obviously be hiv. I've had hebatitis b shot as a child, infact I would have been vaccinated for everything offered in bc canada immune program. But nothing as an adult. Or crap there's herpes too. Sex life would be ruined if I have that right?
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I would follow up on the local sti clinic's advice with testing times and what type of tests are needed for your exposure. Unprotected oral sex poses a low chance of std transmission and usually people would immediately seek physician action when symptoms do occur, otherwise, people tend to not worry about oral exposure too much. However, you did have unprotected vaginal sex with someone you have no knowledge of. That, indeed, puts you at risk for all STI's, including HIV. I will let you know something that will hopefully lessen your anxiety: Most Strip Clubs have their strippers checked out for STD and if you really had to think about it: She did mentioned to you if you had a std? Certainly, she didn't want anything from you and she was watching out for herself.
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Danny I had sex with a black stripper at the treasures this Saturday as well and it was out in the open as well. I'm kind of worried as well. I asked her if she had anything and she assured me she did not... Hopefully she was telling the truth.
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I also had sex with a black stripper from treasures. Did you ever catch anything? I am very worried. Hope you guy see this and can give me some insight.
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I've completely neglected to get tested. But have shown no symptoms. I should go to a clinic now though, its been long enough where anything should show up on a test including HIV.
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And depending on how often she does that this was etc weekend. She might remember
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EDC weekend I mean
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Wow I also had sex with a stipper at treasures. This is worrisome since it seems so common.
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