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vaginal itchin ulceration swelling

hey! ima 24 years old girl, im not married, and i havnt have had sex, but me n my boyfrnd often have oral sex, cunnilingus, i have been having this problem since 1 year, it started in nov 2011, after my periods i got a small swelling just outside labia major, in da ingoinal area, a very small one, n den it ruptured open into an ulcer which was red, n den it healed after 2 weeks, den after my next period, i got da swelling again n again the rupture and ulceration, n dis has been happening after evey period only it has grown from a small spot to involve more area, the swelling usually happens after periods, sometimes it starts anytime, and ven it ulcerates there is some blood n some yellow fluid pus like im not sure tough but its yellow ,
the swelling is painful n firm but not hard and not attached to any underlying tissue, and other than this i have vaginal itching severe one and also itching outside the labia.
what is dis problem plz i need help :( i live in a region where i cannot go to a gyneacologist with this problem, its very embarassing, plz i need help :(
meds taken: metronidazole, augumentin n ciprofloxacin no help wid these
no vaginal discharge
no fever or malaise
an odd smell to urine
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You can't be diagnosed over the internet, see a Dr.
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It could be a very bad yeast infection which over the counter creams won't help.  You would need the doctor to write a prescription for a stronger cream and you should probally take the nystatin pill every day as well for about 10 days.  A yeast infection causes itching and open areas and swelling if its bad enough.  
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