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vdrl positive

i was diagnosed last may to be vdrl positive ( was applying for work for OMAN), my tpha was negative....a doctor specialist treated me for three weeks ( 3 saturdays), injection of antiboitic....however i have another checklast september but my vdrl is still positive....what will i do next for me to get negative result so that i will be able to work in abroad...work is still open for me until i will pass the vdrl result..( OMAN very strict on VDRL and TPHA)...need advise on what to do...opportunity is there waiting...thanks a lot
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How you infected with Syphilis?

Did you see a canker sore at your penis? You were having unprotected sex?

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Your test will actually always be positive, but the number associated with that will start to decline. What you will have to do is get tested and get the Dr to sign off that you do not have the infection anymore.

The reason why the test will show as positive is because the antibodies will stay in the blood and that is what the test looks for.
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Guys, that is not true. VDRL will not be positive.
TPHA, RPR etc will be positive. But VDRL is test which react only in actoal infection process (depends about titre).
I suggest you to take IgG-FTA-ABS and IgM-FTA-ABS.
That one (IgG) will show history of infection - will be reative if that was some old infection (like 2 yrs ago), and the other one IgM will be reactive only if there is actual infection with live treponema in your body. If you don't have actual infection process and if there is not treponema in your body IgM test will be non reactive.

VDRL can show also different titre - 1:8, 1:16 etc.
There can be situation that VDRL is reactive, but titre is 0 (zero), which means u just have to wait that titre become non reactive.
It usually happen few months after therapy.

Good luck!

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