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warts recurring or scar tissue? please help me!

I am at 5 months post op  surgery ( had surgery about 5 months ago) I had surgery to remove anal warts.  did laser and cutting at local docs office.  well the healing was a mission, and now that I'm finally healed iv noticed some strange things down there, even looked like warts returned. one its painful, a little itching, and looks like a pimple, feels like a diaper rash and it's almost always moist ( i even use toilet paper between my cheeks to try and absorb moist) and Ive noticed very tiny blood like a pin head...and the other is just a raised lump, no pain.....
So I went back for a follow up....
The doctor said i was fine and had no warts, that what i was seeing and feeling was scar tissue... and i think he mentioned the word polup?? not sure
I think he is wrong.....! i might be crazy but i made him check me 3 times and he said i was wart free but if it made me feel better he'd burn the "scar tissue" but would be painful and prone to infection....
IM SO CONFUSED!!! please HELP ME! I have been doing endless research and landed here...
so is he right? what if i pinch off the pimple? it really bothers me and sometimes feels like a baby rash... does  anybody have any idea or suggestion... please let me know... thanks

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I always defer to what the Dr says in cases like this.
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