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what are these spots?

Ok i was wondering about these spots. i have been trying to read up and figure out what they are but i cant really figure it out. they dont itch or anything. sometimes they are soft and then sometimes skin peels on the top (not often). its just on the top shaft and sides of my penis. I dont really want to go to a doctor unless it is very bad. maybe some cream or pills could fix it. there are also some red bumps that sometimes blood can come out of it.
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You should learn how to use macro mode on your camera.  It's very hard to guess what that might be from the pictures.  Do they come and go?  Are they constant?  How long have you had them?

I'm not even sure I'd like to take a guess.  If I were you, I'd definitely see a doctor.
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they have been there for a while ( 5 months or so)  they dont come and go. jsut stay there.
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I also have small little spots and bumps but there only under my penis head. Theres a bunch of them and they are like whiteish color. Could this be a STD?
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yes thats what they are. they are like a cirlce mountain. the center of the circle is flat then the side of it is raised up a little
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My best guess from your last description case would be molluscum contagiousum, or possibly HPV.  But molluscum often has the center indentation you describe.  Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection of the skin.  It is thought to produce no negative health consequences outside of the lesions.  Untreated, it will typically go away in 6 months.  You can speed resolution by treating it similar to the way you treat warts (HPV), which is freezing (cryotherapy), burning (cauterization), drugs such as aldara or retin-a, or lancing.  Lancing is less convetional and has to be carefully done because the lesions can spread easily.  Try not to itch or pick at them as you can develop more lesions.  

Musjarrod, that sounds more like HPV.  The white color and location would be typical.   It could also be pearly penile papules, which is a natural and benign condition.  Especially if you've always had them.

But in both cases, the only way you will know is to show them to a doctor.  Planned Parenthood would be a good place to go if money is a factor as their fees are on a sliding scale.
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I looked up pearly penile papules and im sure thats what it is. Does this kinda of thing go away after awhile? Will anything happend to me if its not treated by a doctor?
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No, pearly penile papules do not go away.  It's just an anatomical difference that some people have.
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it dont go away. just is there. doesnt itch or anything. it just bothers me that its there. any pills or creams i can get at walmart or something that might help it go away
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So its nothing that bad or its nothing like my girlfriend can catch is it? Or can something happen when she touches it or licks around there.
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hasnt done anything to my girlfriend so far. it just bothers me.
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