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white discharge from penis!!

i got tested for all std's 14 days ago and every test came back negative but now after 1 week i wake up with a white discharge on top of my penis and i have a small bump under my skin but i have no pain so what could have happen?

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what was your risk that made you test?
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i had unprotected sex and i was so mad at myself so its no pain i have a small bump under my skin like between my shaft of my penis and my balls its where all the hair is at on your balls and my test came back negative.
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and now i started to take antibiotics i been on them for 2 days now and i will go take one more test what do you think it could be, when i did have unprotected sex i waited 10 days till i took the STD test at the hospital.
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It could be NGU.  This will not show up in standards urine tests and requires urinalysis and/ or microscopic examination.  Finish your meds and follow up to make sure it gone before you begin having sex again.  
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yea will do i will finish the meds and then go back to the Dr. or i will just go and set an appointment for july 13. thanks for listening. what do you think about the small bump under my skin near the hair on my balls between the shaft and my balls?
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