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white dots on my lips

I have also white tiny dots on my lips. I have herpes type I and II.
I have recently noticed that those same dots, I have on my eyelids and under my eyes as well.
They can not be noticed as much, but they are there. My lips feel dry and sometimes they hurt me.
I don't know how I can do something to remove them or heal the area.
Does someone know something about it?

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This isn't herpes, or an std.  You should see a dermatologist.

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I had the white dots too.  They progressed to fill with liquid and puss slightly.  I got antihistamine and they retreated a little but have not fully gone.  The corner of my lips have cracked and broken open.  The first moment I noticed them was on a very hot night.  I was not exposed to sunlight, but I was to heat for about 2 days.  I am writing this a week after the occurance.  The itch has spread to my genitals.  I have not been exposed to poison ivy or the like.  I discontinued use of lip balm as of today.  My lips are  getting better as my genitals seem to itch more.  Hot showers are worse just like for poison ivy.  What else can this be?  Some of us don't have money to see a doctor that send us to another doctor who then says oh you only need this little prescription for $30!  That's why we are on here to get some opinions!  We know we need to see a DOCTOR!!
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I understand coming on here to get advice, and even suggestions about what tests to ask for, etc., but no one - even a doctor - can diagnose you online.

I had a reaction to a lip balm like yours once - it was hell while it lasted, but it does get better.  You are really doing all you can for that.

As for your genital itch, my guess is that its two different things.

It could be bacterial vaginosis, or maybe yeast.  If there is a low cost std clinic near you, or a Planned Parenthood, you should go to one of those.  Also, if you don't have insurance, call your local health dept and ask what services they offer for people who don't have insurance.

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look up  Fordyce Granules
this is not a form of std or anything serious..
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