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white spots on tongue

My wife and I were sexual active the other night. I perform oral sex on her for a very long time. Then next day she complained about soreness like a whisker burn but I didn't have much for stuble. I also got 1 very small white lump under my tongue ( right on the tie of tongue i think it is called).  It has been 3 days now she is fine now but my white spot is still there and only sore if i rub it or touch it but not really bad. What could this be?
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i get those too, it could be an irritated or infected bud. if it gets worse see your doctor, your wife was most likely irritated down yonder from the roughness.... we like is gentle!
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under the tongue is often a mucocele.  typically they will go away on their own.
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I didn't read anything of STD concern.

re-read what kdaily told you.   (whink)
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