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worried .....HIV symptoms

Hi…here is my story, I had unprotected sex about 6 years ago and it was really risky since I saw some blood on my penis (menstrual or loosing virginity I don’t know)…and that was my only time being at risk from HIV (I am sexually inactive) and I can assure that I’ve never been exposed to HIV since then….I didn’t really care about it at the beginning (I just confirmed that I have no HIV by checking my lymph nodes after few weeks) but now I started to worry about it again, because now I know that not everyone get the acute early symptoms of HIV….so I developed severe anxiety worrying to death that I might be infected with HIV…I saw the late symptoms of the second stage of HIV but I had none of them…but with time I started to feel them one after the other…I had burning tongue (witch maybe erythematous candidaiss ) but after few weeks it went away and then I started to notes that I have too much scales on my face and behind the ear (even though  I have dandruff since I can’t even remember and scales behind the ears and some around the nose) but they looked more sever to me  so I thought about seborrheic dermatitis..also I started looking for swollen lymph nodes around my body and I found one on the back of my neck (very small can’t be seen, but you can since it and is not tender nor painful) and one in my armpit which seems to be a swollen lymph node to me which is also not tender nor painful and I can’t really tell how its shaped.. So I decided to undergo an HIV test (they took a sample of vinous blood) and they told to come back the evening of the same day and it was negative thanks god.
But now I am still worried if the test was a false negative…!
My questions are if I countered HIV 6 years ago will I at least observe some minor changes in my health? Or will it be an absolute asymptomatic? The symptoms which I’ve mentioned can they be related to anxiety? And can I really trust the test even though it was rapid one, and start living a normal life?
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Some people live years without knowing they have HIV.  My personal opinion is that your worrying yourself sick, but your not going and doing anything about it?

It is very simple: Get an HIV test to confirm if you really do have it.  No one can just "know" that they have HIV unless they explicity have unprotected sex with, share a needle with or drink the breast milk etc of a person infected with HIV.  There is NO sure fire way to diagnose yourself because the symptoms of many diseases overlap or share the same symptoms of HIV

I think you need to get the courage to take the test and you can stop worrying yourself to death.  If you have any issues, concerns, need support you can visit the HIV forum :  http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/79
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my total lymphocytes count is 43% out of the normal range which is between 18%-53%
i have tried to calculate it and changes it to cell per micro L and it 2250 cell/micro L
is this a good sign...especially after 6 years
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Im sorry I don't know what your talking about, maybe this is something you should consult your doctor about.
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