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worried about stds

about 2 months ago, I had unprotected vaginal sex, and I had a 4th generation (CMIA) combo test after 5 weeks exposure and the results were negative, its conclusive?
and now I feel worried about STDs but I don't have any symptoms of STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis) Do I also need to take a STDs test just to get rid of my anxiety?

And whether my HIV test with 4th generation combo test (CMIA) is conclusive? do I need to take another test on week 6/8?
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please someone help me to just clear my anxiety, because in the past 2 weeks I get recurrent thrush, I'm anxious and very paranoid for this
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If you had unprotected sex, you should test for other STDs. Those are far more likely than HIV.

I don't think you need to panic, but definitely test so you'll know and be able to treat something if you have it.
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And your 4 week 4th gen HIV test is conclusive.
but so far I have not experienced these symptoms,
- like, burning / pain when urinating, yellow discharge (gonorrhea & chlamydia)
- sores / blisters on the penis (syphilis) Additional information, I had vaginal sex for only about 30 seconds - 1 minute.

What percentage of me get stds?

please advice sir, I'm sorry to panic, I read a lot of google and it makes me more anxious, I even experienced recurrent thrush in the past 2 weeks (only a small thrush and recovered in 1-2 days),

Do I need to take the test after 2 months after the risk factors, will the results be valid?

Do I need to take HIV test again?
You can have any STD and not have symptoms.

That you had sex for such a brief time lowers your risk. It's up to you entirely if you want to test or not. You had unprotected sex, so there is a risk, though it's likely low.

You do not need to take another HIV test.
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