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worried due to STD

Hi dear Doctors and moderators let me describe my exposure.
03.12.2017-- I had protected vaginal intercourse.
12.01.2018 -- I had protected vaginal with a sex worker. The mistake I did is I used two condoms. I had intercourse/oral .after finishing I couldn't find any break in condom. 10.02.2018-- only  protected oral no vaginal
05.02.2018-- protected oral
12 .02.2018-- only protected oral no vaginal. I used two condoms every time.. luckily it didn't break. this was my exposure..
I had an antibody test on 15 .02.2018 which was negative. on 10.03.2018 I had one lymph node swollen below right side of my neck while is not visible enough but can be felt by touching.. and I have a time swelling behind ear and one on the left groin . I am very much worried about double bagging . I am worried about the STDs.
1. Am I in risk for HIV?
2. If I get tested at 10th week will it be conclusive?
3. Will my test turn positive?
4. Can anyone get hiv symptoms after 8 weeks of exposure?
5. Can HIV spread through oral sex?
6. How will the swollen lymph nodes appear related to ars?
6. Will the STD show symptoms? Should I get tested for STDs other than HIV?
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If all your encounters were protected,  you have nothing to worry about.  Kudos for having protected oral sex.  Many of us were not that smart and caught something from it.
Thank you. By im worried due to swollen lymph nodes.i have never experienced before
What if the condom would have broken.. will it be visible enough to notice? I finished inside the condom. Would the semen make the broken condom to appear stick and fine and make the tear in the condom not so visible!! Please answer me
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