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would std show in urine test?

I did normal urine test (urinalysis) everything that should be negative is negative. I asked my doctor to do a full test including stds. He made me do a urinalysis and said if there is any infection or bacteria it would show in a normal urine test.
Could I rely on this urine exam or should I ask for a test that is specific for gonorrhea and chlamydia?
I do not have any discharge from the penis, no bumps, no sores, no warts on the genital. I only have bruising on the entry (tip) of the penis, which became from after an oral sex that was performed on me.
If I had gonorrhea or chlamydia or any other std infection would it show on a normal urine test?
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Both gonorrhea and chlamydia are detected in a urine test.  They draw blood for a syphilis test and here are the tests used to diagnose genital herpes https://www.webmd.com/genital-herpes/genital-herpes-diagnosis#1.  No sores is a good sign that herpes is not a factor for you.  
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So there is no need to ask for a specific gonorrhea and chlamydia test?
I did a blood test for syphilis and it was neg.
Think you are good with the tests you had.
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A normal urinalysis would show if you had signs of infection, but if they don't specifically look for gonorrhea or chlamydia, it might not be found. You should follow up with your doctor to make sure these specific tests were done. Ask for a copy of the results.

Chlamydia isn't a risk from oral sex, but gonorrhea could be. You could also get NGU, which is a bacterial infection in your urine. This would be found on a regular urine test, though.

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Oh and symptoms at the tip of your penis could be from your prostate. Ask your doctor about that if you are still experiencing symptoms.
I asked for a chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hsv1, and hsv2. I will test at 15 days after exposure. Is it too early?
Should i test for another stds?
15 days is more than enough time for chlamydia (not really a factor here, but doesn't matter since the test for gonorrhea is done at the same time) gonorrhea, and NGU. You can test for those at 3-5 days after.

Since oral was performed on you, you don't need to test for HIV or hsv2, but if you are concerned about previous exposures, ask your doctor for a type specific IgG test. Do that now, and it will tell you if you have had it before this. If it's negative, test again for hsv1 (if you want - without symptoms, I wouldn't test again) at 4 months.

Syphilis can take up to 3 months, but most will test positive at 6 weeks. You can test now to know that you're already negative, and test again later if you want. I wouldn't worry much about that without symptoms, either.

You do not need other testing, and testing for all of this is likely excessive for just receiving oral sex.
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