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yeast infection/uti

hello, recently me and my boyfriend had a lot of sex after not having sex for months. with that being said i obviously woke up feeling like i had a UTI. then later itchiness and i knew a yeast infection was setting in because we had a lot of dry sex and i always get yeast infections after dry sex. so anyway i chug water for my uti and buy monistat 1 for the yeast infection. had  a horrible reaction. swelling, pain, itchiness, redness and my left labia was much more swollen than my right! now that the swelling went down i decided to check it out down there, thats when i noticed a firm bump that itches and is sore. and white bumps around my urethra. i know the doctor will immediately suspect herpes but i do not believe i have this. i have no other symptoms. i read other women had this same experience. i was so swollen during the monistat this week i didn't even notice the bumps until the swelling went down. any help here???
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