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High Risk Encounter

While vacationing in the Hong Kong/China, 8 months ago, I received a full body massage that included:
masturbation (happy ending)
anal petting

After the massage I panicked and used a Chinese liquid that was available in my hotel room that said to be used against common STDs, it produced extreme genital burning-feeling.  The masseuse was clothed at all times. I understand logic suggests that because no bodily fluids were exchanged..(no penetration-woman was clothed), it is rather difficult to receive some sort of disease from such encounter, but unfortunately since such event occurred i have developed the fallowing symptoms:

Extremely fragile penis skin, dries up rather easily and thus cracks as well, red appearance(Only affects the mucous portion of the penis, about the upper third)
Occasional feeling of discomfort before or after urinating
Frequent flu like symptoms
Developed candida in throat (but was heavily subjected to antibiotics from Doxycycline to other strong injected antibiotics)

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis Panel, HSV, HIV, Urine/Semen Culture - All Negative  

What concerns me the most now is a possible HIV or HSV infection. 7 Months after the encounter I tested via Lab Corp hiv 1/2 eia ab screen, Biokit HSV, University of Washington HSV1/2 Western Blot. All tests came back negative, but now I am wondering if perhaps specific subtypes of HIV, HSV, or other STDS that are found in Hong Kong/China can not be detected by standardized Western Testing (USA). Is this possible?
Are there other diseases or specific tests that I should seek to request?
It has been a long period since the onset of the symptoms and is rather frustrating that nothing seems help it, and has ultimately gone undiagnosed.
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Dear Dr. Cummings,

Thank you for the prompt response. My concern was not only being infected directly by the masseuse but also perhaps by the secretions of a past customer. I apologize for dragging my questions, but to conclude:
1. Will the HIV/HSV strains found in China/Hong Kong be detected by US lab tests?
2.Is the same true for other infectious diseases?
3. Do you recommend further testing or a specific test?

Your expertise is highly appreciated.

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Hello Blec300

I am sure you do not have any of the diseases you are fearful of from this encounter.

I agree, you will NOT acquire STD's from a fully clothed individual - assuming of course that she had any to give you in the first place.

I don't believe you should do any more tests - I think you have over tested already.

I would suggest you see a dermatologist about the skin condition on your penis.

best wishes, Sean
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