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Aldara reactions

I applied aldara (imiquimod) to the shaft of the penis in an attempt to get rid of what I presumed were penile warts.  About a week after use, I developed well localised red and swollen skin on the head of the penis which then ulcertated and has been slow to heal.  I have not been herpes positive before and dont think I have had recent contact with any herpes positive partners.  The skin on the head of the penis likely was in contact with the area where the aldara was applied and would have been in contact with it for some hours at night.  Anyone know if this is a common reaction for aldara.  Its similar but different to a cold sore that one gets on your lip.  It has taken longer to heal than the skin where the aldara was applied
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Thanks AuntiJ.  I didn't knowingly apply it to the spot where the sore developed but suspect that skin had a lot of contact with the skin on shaft where it had been applied.  I had a dry swab taken of the lesion about 72 hours after it developed but it was not weeping a lot and it took 24 hours to get to lab.  It was negative for herpes viruses.  I think even despite the difficulties of collection the negative result was probably a true result.  Am out of town and cannot get another swab taken and not sure how long they store if I take one (its an easy thing to actually take).  Thankyou
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How did you apply it?  Did you just put it on the spots or did you put it all over?

Aldara can cause reactions like this, and therefore should only be used when you are certain its warts.  

You might need to get this checked by a doctor to rule out infection.  If you hadn't applied aldara, I'd say get checked for herpes, but I doubt its herpes.

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