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Am I at risk? - Protected gay anal

Hi all, I live in the UK. Ill keep it simple.

I went to a local cruising ground to get my end away. One bloke masturbated me (less than a minute). There was another guy bent over. I asked if he had a condom. He looked around and did. I put it on and had anal sex with him. This lasted a couple of mins max. I finished and that was that.

There were no visible sores on his bottom that I could see (he was a larger chap).

Am I at risk of anything? I have a mrs... Is it safe to continue to have sex with her?

It was a mistake that I should not have done but unfortunately I did.
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Just to add to my comment...

The only risk would be syphilis, HPV and herpes and its those which the clinic said was very very low risk from what I described and would not recommend testing for this one exposure. I spoke with 2 clinics and 1 charity. Do you agree? Like I said I did not see any active sores and im not the most well endowed bloke about!
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I totally agree. The risk would be very low since you used a condom. I wouldn't bother testing either. There's no test for HPV for men (if you aren't vaccinated, talk to them about getting vaccinated), syphilis is uncommon enough that I wouldn't worry, and since you're in the UK, blood testing for herpes is really hard to come by. There's a lot of false positives for herpes, and once you start down that road, it's weeks and a lot of money (and stress) to get it straightened out.

None of it is worth it for such a low risk encounter. I wouldn't worry at all.
And they're a good clinic - lots of clinics we hear about give incorrect info.
Thanks AJ. We have a high gay and bi population round here so I guess they are more "realistic".  I will stop worrying :)
Unless I get a chancre or something (which I diddnt see any on him!), do you think itll be safe to continue sex with partner?
Yes, I wouldn't worry. Chances of you getting anything are really, really low. :)
Cheers AJ. Just for my own learning..


Are all NO RISK as the condom was intact. I did blow the condom at the end and it inflated and I doubt he poked holes in haha.


Are all LOW/MINIMAL RISK as described by my interaction which I have been told by multiple agencies that testing is not required in the absence of symptoms such as a blister or chancre. Risk would be minimised because I did not see any visible sores on the partner in question.

And the symptoms would only be where the skin touched. for example it wouldn't be on the shaft or head of the penis and wouldn't be on the anus - only where the pubic bone made contact?
Yes, correct, though warts and HPV are the same thing. HPV is the virus that causes warts.

Syphilis usually appears at the point of infection. So you're correct - it wouldn't appear on your shaft or the head of your penis, or your anus. Herpes typically does as well, but not always. HPV can appear anywhere.

There are several strains of HPV - some give you warts, some don't.

Risk is significantly reduced because you used a condom.

If you can't let this go, just get tested. I'd expect that you will have a hard time finding a herpes blood test, but that's okay. Herpes blood testing can give false positives, and since you have such a low risk, you don't need to go down that road. There is no test for HPV for men. The only test you'd need is syphilis, which is conclusive at 6 weeks. I don't think you need to test, but if you need it for peace of mind, then do that.
Ok cool.

No I wont test. Like you and other people said, the risk is so low and because there was NO other sexual contact other than the protected anal its more close to no risk than anything else. I was told that even though the chap didnt look the cleanest or healthiest guy, protected sex is protected and because I never saw any form of sore or anything, its fine :)

The main thing is that thre is ZERO change that I wont get anything drippy haha!

Thank you
People who don't look clean need a good shower. It implies nothing about STDs. I look very clean and healthy - I shower often, I promise - and I've had herpes for more than 15 years. I don't say that to scare you, but to dispel any myths and stigma that you can tell if a person has something by how they look.

You had very little risk here, and zero risk for the "drippy" things, but I need you to know that if your next partner looks well-dressed, clean, healthy, successful, it doesn't mean he doesn't have an STD, and I hope you wouldn't take a risk based on that.

You're welcome, and take care of you. :)
Sorry, I meant that STI do not make any difference on the cleanliness of the person! There wont be any more partners other than my main one!
Okay, no worries.

Take care!
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the masterbation is zero risk and if no part of your skin made rubbing contact during the anal, that would be zero risk also.
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I dont think it did. The whole thing was very brief.

I spoke to my local clinic and they said even if it did the risk would be minimal and unlikely to do anything. Was just after you guys opinion as well.
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