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Am I at risk for std?

Hey I visited a massage parlor where I couldn't stop the urge to have virginal sex and oral. She gave me oral first then I I wanted virginal she agreed, I don't know why I did it and now I'm scared I got an STD. My urge overcame me at that moment.i used a condom and she gave me some rubbing alcohol. This is my first intercourse ever and I'm scared please let me know what steps I can do what tests?
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If you use a condom for both oral and vaginal and the only risk is Syph and HSV. Personally I would not worry as the risk really is quite small.
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I forgot to mention but I have hemmeriods so I was bleeding in my anus area. What if some of her virginal fluids flowed on my hemmeriods?
Then you will have slippery hemorrhoids. It wont change the risk factors of STI transmission at all :)
Thank you for your response. I was a bit worried about this issue since it's my first intercourse in ever had.
I'm sorry what are the chances of getting hepatitis A,b or c? For virginal sex
No risk for any of those since you used a condom.

Really, if you had a risk, we'd have told you. :)
Hey Jessie, wow I'm glad to hear from you thanks for ok letting me know
I been going deep into the rabbit hole, been on the internet and there's aperently a risk for herpes . I just want to know if it's something I should test for and how long is it for testing
Yes, SillyMistake mentioned that when he said HSV - herpes simplex virus.

It's a very small risk. I wouldn't worry about it. If you don't get sores within 2-12 days, let it go.
Okay il keep you updated thanks :)
:) Great.
Just a question, I'm suffering from gingivitis in my teeth and I probably would need antibiotics from my dentist, would I need to wait after STD testing to teke them so it doesn't interfere with the Std results
Get your teeth sorted ASAP. You dont need testing at all
Absolutely agree. Your teeth come first. You don't need any STD testing.
Thanks guys, il take care of my teeth first then il keep you both updated:)
Update: I got tested and came back negative. I'm happy as I was anxious about it but it's only been 1 month should I get tested in 3 more months? I also for forgot to mention that when I had viginal sex I was using my hand to cover my pubic area to avoid my groin to touch the lady's Vigina as I'm aware for skin to skin stds. That's the only part I'm still thinking about if it was at all effective.
Skin to Skin STIs - Dont worry about all.
Negative test - Good - now relax and move on
Retest in 3 months - I mean, regular testing if you sleep with new people is always a good idea. I good rule of thumb is between every 6 to 12 months (if no symptoms and depending on lifestyle. If you sleep around a bit, then go 6 months)
But do you think it was dangerous if my thighs wasn't covered when I was doing viginal sex. Her thighs were rubbing against mines I couldn't cover that with my hand was I exposed to hsv2?
If I wasn't exposed genitaly, what about my hand that was used to cover my genitals.
Nope - you did everything right. Now is the time to move on :)
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