3 weeks ago I had unprotected oral/protected vaginal with a sex worker. The oral sex lasted about 3 minutes and the condom didn’t break during the intercourse so Im not worried about HIV (I already asked a question in the HIV forum)

So far I have no symptoms of anything, no rash, no discharge. I know my case is low-risk for any STD but Im still worried. So here’s my question, if I don’t have symptoms 3 weeks after the exposure, could I consider myself safe? Do I need testing? 3 weeks is enough time to get tested?

Thanks for your time.
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Chances are really good that you didn't get anything, but there is a slim chance that you could have gotten gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis. The chances are really very low, but if you want to, you can test for gonorrhea and chlamydia now, and syphilis (which is uncommon in most developed countries) at 6 weeks.

This is all really for peace of mind, and I expect all of it to be negative. I only suggest it because you're still worried, and this will help you put it to rest.
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Thanks for your quick reply, I really appreciate it.
Just following up to my question. I got the gono, chlamydia and syphilis tests and, as you said, it all came back negative. I still have no symptoms so I asume I can rule out syphilis by now. Thanks again for your help.
Yeah, you can probably rule out syphilis. With your negative test and no syphilis, and it being as uncommon as it is, the chances of you having it are very, very, very slim.

Congrats on the negative tests. :)
Thanks for your help and patience auntiejessi
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