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Any risk?

I had sex with a 44 yrs old lady who havent had sex for almost 4 yrs.
She finished her period 2 days ago.
Performed oral sex on her, but only in the clitoral part, there was a lot of secretions.
After the intercourse, i noticed a brown discharge on me, not much, but it was weird.
I asked her about it, she said coz its been a while since she had sex.
This morning, a very tiny drop of blood was on bed.
I shaved hours before the intercouse, and had a tiny wound that coagulated by the time we had sex.
1) what is this brown discharge?
2) any risk of std from the oral sex? Or because of this very tiny wound and the brown discharge?

Ps. Sex was protected with condom
The discharge had a bit of smell but not very foul one.

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Protected sex - no risk
Unprotected oral on her - very low to no risk
I have no idea about the brown discharge. Don't worry about the wound, it means nothing for STDs.
I doubt you got a STD. I wouldn't be concerned.
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thank you...:)
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She may well have a cervical erosion that bleeds on deep penetration. In any case, I do not feel that this is anything to be too alarmed about. That said an occasional STI screen is never a bad idea.
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