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Asian Massage Parlor - Table Shower - Bodyslide - Genital contact

I went to an Asian massage parlor in the U.S. The lady first had me undress and then led me to a shower room.  As I lay on the table, she scrubbed my entire body front and back, including penis and anus, with hot water and soap.  She then got on top of me and rubbed her naked body all over me, including grinding her genital area on my front and back.  She also rubbed her vulva along my penis for a minute and I was afraid my penis was going to slip into her vagina.  It was very soapy, but I don't know if the soap eliminates any STD risk.  Now I'm terrified that she could have transmitted something to me.  Later, at the massage table, she put a condom on me with her mouth.  After a little fellatio, we finished with vaginal sex.  From what I've read on this website, the vaginal sex with a condom posed very little risk.  However, I'm very worried about the soapy table shower with genital-genital contact for a good minute or so.  Am I at risk?  Should I get tested?  Can I have unprotected sex with my long-term partner without putting her at risk?  Thank you so much!
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The rubbing on the shower table, when she rubbed her vulva on your penis - in theory, that could pose a risk for herpes, HPV and syphilis.

Herpes takes time and friction to transmit - usually the kind associated with intercourse. It's not at all likely that you'd get herpes that way unless she had an outbreak.

Syphilis is possible, but syphilis is uncommon in the US. She'd have to have a sore in order for you to get it.

HPV is very common. A minute isn't a long time, and I don't know how much friction there was - the more friction, the higher the chance. Also, she may have been vaccinated for HPV. This is a hard one to predict.

Soap doesn't prevent infection, but that may have slowed things down, too.

Really, what all this comes down to is about a minute of unprotected rubbing. You can get herpes, syphilis and HPV while using a condom, but condoms offer significant protection. I'd say overall, your chances are low.

I can't say the risk is zero, but it's low.
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Thanks for the response!  As a follow up, it has now been about six weeks since the massage parlor incident I described. Would I have any symptoms by now if I got infected?  Also, my long-term partner recently went to the doctor and was told she has some kind of infection, and has protein in her urine. They are sending her blood to a lab for other tests. Now I'm terrified.  Can that be from an STD?  We have had unprotected sex a few times since my encounter. Should I be extra worried now?  
Protein in her urine suggests a urinary tract infection or kidney problems. If they are doing blood tests, my guess - and it's a guess - they are checking kidney function and some other things. This has nothing to do with an STD.

Listen - and really hear me - this has nothing to do with what you did. High levels of protein in her urine has nothing to do with an STD, and the doctors are probably testing her for things that are scary, even if she doesn't know it yet. She may just have a kidney infection, or may have something more serious, but right now, it's not about you, and she needs you to get it together and be there for her.

I say that with compassion, and not judgement, but you need to know it.
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