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Bottle of bodily fluid - STD risk?

I'm a male who knows a girl online who I want to buy a bottle of vaginal discharge from. Most info I can find online is about how STDs die off in contact with air. Since this is a sealed bottle of fluid, it won't be in contact with air and it won't be drying.

I'm going to ask her to send a picture of a recent STD test, but is there really any risk from this? If I open the bottle and let it air for a while would that be enough to remove any risk? I intend to ingest it as well as using it as lube.
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Honestly, and I say this with compassion, the biggest risk from this is that this is a scam. I have a vagina, and I can't imagine how I'd bottle any vaginal fluids. She could say it's from squirting, but how do you know it's not just something she bought for $1 at the store - something that could actually harm you if you use it on your skin or worse, ingest it?

Also, how would you know it's hers, and not someone else's? She can show you all the STD tests in the world, but maybe it's someone else's who has an STD, if she was able to collect any real body fluids?

Let's say it is body fluids - maybe even vaginal fluids somehow. How is she collecting them? Is it a sterile bottle? How is she shipping it? Will it be exposed to a lot of heat in the shipping process? What kinds of bacteria will grow in it, that you will then ingest?

If she says she squirted and collected that in a bottle, that contains urine. If she has a urinary tract infection, you are ingesting that bacteria.



I don't mean to embarrass you. I want you to save your money, and protect you from any harm. Please reconsider doing this.
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Thank you for your response. I appreciate your concern.
I once had a girlfriend that had discharge more on the heavy side that would drip while she used the toilet, it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to put it into a container. It's not a big bottle, just one of those small 1 oz screw top jars.
However bacteria growing in it is something I hadn't considered, I'll discuss it with her and see if we can keep things more sterile.
Something else to consider is that on average, women produce about a teaspoon of discharge a day.


Some more, some less.

If she doesn't get all of that in the jar, and she is collecting it over time, how is she storing it until she sends it to you?

I really hope she is someone you know and trust. :)
Oh and when she's tested for STDs, make sure she is tested for yeast, bacterial vaginosis, and trich, too.
After discussing it with her it seems like keeping it sterile during shipping will be difficult. Would it still be safe to only use it for lube, rather than ingesting it?
I wouldn't use it on your body, either. If you can't keep it sterile, there's no way of knowing what kind of bacteria would be growing in it.
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