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Bumps on penis

A couple of months ago, I noticed some bumps on my penis near the head. They got a little bigger and more visible eventually. I visited a clinic, the doctor took a look at it, and sent me for some lab tests (all the available ones HIV, Sephillis etc), all came back negative. The doctor also said that it doesn't look like warts so it should be nothing to worry about. Until now, I really don't know what these bumps are and what should I do about them. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Image: https://ibb.co/4F4DzNB
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Your photo is quite dark, but have you looked up Fordyce spots? That might be what they are. Also look up pearly penile papules - those are around the head.

If your doctor doesn't think they are warts, they probably aren't.
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Absolutly agree with this. Doesn't look like an STI. Like AJ said, fordyce are quite common and nothing to worry about.
Thanks so much. I also suspected Fordyce spots, but was worried as my doctor didn't provide me with any definitive answers. I also didn't want any girl to see that and freak out, as it's becoming more visible.
As a woman, I can say that unless you make it a thing, a woman wouldn't.

Plus, if you cover it with a condom before anything happens, she might not even notice. If you use condoms for everything, then you won't really have to worry about STIs. :)

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