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Bumps on tongue and yellowing

About 3 weeks ago, an escort performed fallatio and we had intercourse with a condom.  Afterwards, I left the condom on until I returned home but it had not come off and it didn't look like there was exposure.

Within a few days, I noticed burning during urination and there was redness on the genitals.

At 10 day mark I see doctor and they give 4 azithromycin and 1 Suprax for precaution.

Next day I have yellow tongue and bumps on back and side of tongue with redness.  

Additionally I did gargle with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide without diluting it and had been using mouthwash, but not sure this related.

Doctor says symptoms don't sound like the meds but Suprax symptoms match.  I also saw HSV 1 or 2 may match symptoms but at this time I cannot tell what could be the cause.

Was tested for gonnorea chlamydia syphilis and hiv and all were negative.

What could this be? Could it be hsv? I have little white bumps under lip skin and my tongue has yellow film maybe dead skin cells. Also have little red dots on front on tongue.

Since taking the meds and after initial symptoms they have not gotten worse.  Seem to be slowly going away.

The bumps in back of tongue are mostly pink about size of half an eraser or a little smaller.

I also have swollen lymph nodes, occasionally trouble breathing and sore throat.
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I agree with Life360. I'm wondering if the sores in your mouth are from the hydrogen peroxide and the mouthwash you are using. (That doesn't cure anything, by the way, if that's why you've been using it.) If you google aphthous ulcers, or canker sores, you may be able to tell if that's what you're experiencing.

You don't mention kissing this person. If you didn't, you can't have oral hsv. You'd only have genital hsv since you received oral and had genital sex.
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It's hard to see in pictures but have white dots under lip, raised bumps back of tongue and yellow white Tint to tongue.  Still burning after urination some. Swollen lymp nodes and difficulty swallowing.
Stop using the mouthwash, and see a dentist or doctor. This is NOT an STD.

The burning after urination - are you drinking enough water? If you drink a lot of alcohol, caffeine, juices, or carbonated drinks, that can irritate your bladder, and cause burning. Many of those can cause sores in your mouth, too. Increase your water intake, and lay off the rest.

Definitely see your doctor.
Thank you much for the advice and for putting me more at ease! I was most concerned it was hsv but that makes sense.  Thank you!
So waiting for test result on hsv one or two but in meantime, here are current symptoms.  After ejaculation, I notice redness and dryness around penile tip and head. For a day or so after there is burning after urination but then it goes away.  Any idea what could cause that? Mouth symptoms seem like maybe result of body responding to some infection.  Still wonder if it could be yeast infection. If it was herpes wouldn't there have been likely blisters by now if this was primary outbreak?
Did you have oral sex with a condom?

An inflamed prostate could cause your symptoms, which would have nothing to do with an STD. Dehydration could, as well.

It's not herpes.

If you had a genital infection, your mouth wouldn't get symptoms. Your mouth symptoms could be from the mouthwash, if you are still using that.

Canker sores can also be triggered by stress.

If you increase your water intake, and the symptoms don't go away, see your doctor.
Oral was without condom, vaginal was with.  Also, how much will risk of std change if condom was left on for some time after activity and then discarded?

Water intake has increased but no change yet.  I still am using mouth wash but will stop and see if that helps. Right now, genital symptoms are mostly concerning me. Aside from redness and dryness as well as burning after urination, could inflamed prostate or maybe balantis cause swollen lymph nodes in throat? That symptom I cannot tell if it's related to antibiotics or infection. I'm currently taking amoxicilin in case bacterial infection.
Wearing the condom for awhile after sex was finished won't increase the risk, though it could cause irritation. How did you manage to keep the condom on after you lost your erection? Why would you continue to wear it? It offers no additional protection to continue to wear it.

Balanitis and prostate issues wouldn't cause any oral or neck symptoms.

Where did you get the amox? The amox could give you a fungal infection - this is common with antibiotics - which will only further add to your symptoms, causing you more panic.

If you received oral sex, the only things you're at risk for are syphilis, gonorrhea, NGU (an infection in the urethra), and genital herpes type 1. NGU can be caused by normal mouth bacteria, strep if she had strep throat, adenovirus (causes upper respiratory infections), etc.

Since you are taking the amox, which won't likely cure NGU and definitely won't cure gonorrhea or syphilis, testing for gonorrhea or NGU will need to wait until 2 or 3 weeks after you've finished taking that.

Syphilis is uncommon, so unless you get a round, painless sore, I wouldn't worry much about that. Oral gonorrhea is fairly uncommon, too, but NGU is very common, and could cause the burning.

If the amox wasn't prescribed by a doctor, stop taking it. (If it was prescribed, continue to take it.) After you've been off it for 2-3 weeks, if your symptoms aren't better, see your doctor for actual testing.

If you don't already have oral hsv1, you could get genital hsv1 from oral sex, but if your partner doesn't have a sore present on her mouth (not in it, ON it), the chances are a lot lower.

So syphilis, gonorrhea chlamydia tests all were negative with testing done more than two weeks after.  Condom was left only only because had nowhere to dispose of it at time. Amox was prescribed but stopped taking it because it was making mouth symtom worse.  More yellowish.  This makes me believe maybe the Suprax or the azithromycin could have caused the mouth symptoms and maybe fungal infection.  I was given both those medicines from just symptom of burning after urination at the time and immediately after taking the meds all other symptoms came.

Sti wise I'm only concerned with hsv 1 from oral, hsv 2 because I've read condoms offer only partial protection, or possibly hpv.  I found another forum with similar symptoms mentioned similar to mine where hpv was discussed.  What are your thoughts of hpv potentially causing some of these symptoms?

Right now neck lymph nodes less swollen but still burning during urination and redness around meatus.

Also, I have 4 small white pimple like lesions under meatus.  They do not look at all like what herpes pictures generally show and it's one lesion spread apart from rest not cluster.  How can I tell if these lesions could be herpes or if it's something else? I can post picture if that helps. They look like maybe pimples or possibly Fordyce spots and they do not hurt.  Center is white and it is red in general around area but I get worried because I see articles saying herpes can be confused as pimples.
It's not HPV - that has an incubation period of a few months usually. You wouldn't have symptoms this fast.

Your gonorrhea and chlamydia tests are conclusive at more than 2 weeks - these are conclusive at 5 days. Were you also tested for NGU? How did you test?

The only way to know if you have herpes is to go to an actual doctor and get them tested. I won't be able to tell you from a picture.

Is there a reason you haven't gone back to the doctor?
Thank you for the updates.  Have not been tested for ngu yet but will suggest.  Will be scheduling appointment for blood tests soon to include herpes and other related possibilities. New symptom right now is pelvic pain.  Will report back after blood tests are done.
If you have pelvic pain, you need to see a doctor. Don't worry about more testing - just get in to see a doctor. This could be a kidney or bladder infection/UTI, a prostate infection, or a host of other things, but you need to see an actual doctor and not just continue to do tests. Don't put this off.
Just an update, waiting on blood test results.  Pelvic pain is gone currently and most burning but now am having upper spine pain. Not sure if this is related. Also waiting on result from urine test.
While I wait for results, what are chances I would also need to be tested for trichomonas if condom was used?
No, you'd be protected from trich.

No STD would cause upper (or lower) spine pain. Be sure and let your doctor know what's going on with that.
OK ty I will let the Dr know and will let you know what results are.
Hsv test came back and were negative for both <. 92.

At 3 days away from 8 week mark, would you trust these results? I see no reason not to but want to confirm.

Will be follow up with doctor soon.  

Maybe symptoms are from yeast infection from antibiotics?   Will find out.
Yes, I would trust those results. You had protected sex, which greatly reduces your risk of getting herpes, and your oral and genital symptoms never sounded like herpes.

It's common to get fungal infections, like yeast, after taking antibiotics. That would be my first guess, along with all the stuff you used orally giving you the oral symptoms.

My thought as well, thank you for your help! I will let know any more update I get.
Autiejessi thank you for your help!  It has been some time but my dr had a microgendx test done (something more people should know about).  Staphaloccocus epidermidis and enderobacter cloacae were found in the prostate gland (prostatiitis cause).  Solved!  Others with similar problems should in the future ask their urologist for this test.
I'm glad to hear you got some good testing done and I hope you are feeling better, or will soon (I'm not sure of the timing of all this).

Thanks for the update, and best of luck!
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Since all you mention were performed on your genital area , you wound not have any oral symptoms. Its not related and you cant get HSV oral from genital sex.
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See my comment below, posted pictures.
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I’m not a doctor but it sounds like HSV-1 you should get tested
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